History of Vegetables Juices

Vegetable Juices, Inc., was founded in 1934 by Dr. Dominic Rolle, a well-known food technologist. Dr. Rolle was dissatisfied with the way processed vegetables lost their savory characteristics during dehydration. He and his team set out to create a more satisfying way to flavor manufactured foods and subsequently developed an innovative line of vegetable juices, including our garlic and onion juice products which are still widely used today.

Over the years, VJI has remained on the forefront of innovative vegetable ingredient conversion. Early in our history, we developed and marketed consumer-ready vegetable juice blends, and by 1960, we were offering a line of purees. With the explosion of the ready-to-use salad dressing market in the early 60s, our fresh juices replaced the dehydrated vegetables that were being used in those days. The success of pourable dressings and marinades inspired us to increase our business in the production of pungent ingredients for savory sauces during the 1980s. In 2006, VJI invested in a world-class research facility featuring a complete culinary and food-service kitchen, an advanced analytical lab, and large work spaces that foster the creation of new products and applications for a broad range of food industry segments. More recently, VJI has increased its focus and expertise in beverages as juicing and smoothie categories rapidly expand.

In May 2014, Naturex acquired Vegetable Juices, Inc. Sharing values of excellence, technical and scientific innovation and customer-centric cultures, our combined effort in developing innovative vegetable ingredient solutions is further strengthened and enhanced. With renewed momentum, we will continue to serve new generations of beverage, savory, sweet and dairy products’ manufacturers.